Friday, November 18, 2011

How To Force Close Unresponsive Applications In Mac OS X Lion

It happens sometimes that an application refuses to quit or becomes unresponsive and the close button at this case will be useless and the user will be obliged to force quit the application. In this guide we will see some tips that may help you force quit applications under Mac OS X Lion.

Method 1

To force close an application, open the Apple menu and click Force Quit (or press Option+ Apple Logo+ Esc):

Select the unresponsive application from the given list and click Force Quit:

Method 2

You can also force close an application from the Dock. Make a right-click on the icon of the unresponsive application, then hold down the ALT key and select Force Quit:

pics here

Method 3

Open the Go menu and select Utilities:

Launch now Activity Monitor:

Locate and select the process name of your application and click Quit Process to force quit it:

Method 4

This methods seems effective and I use it frequently. To force close the application, hold down these keys for a few seconds until the application exits:


That's it!

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